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If you’re a start up our small business this initiative is just for you! #NoTrademarkLeftBehind

Is an initiative me and my other trademark consultants started. Our vision is to make sure that trademarks are affordable, done correctly and no business is without 1!

There are a lot of misconceptions about owning a registered trademark.

1. Are trademarks expensive?

Define expensive, if you can afford an LLC you can’t afford a trademark. At trademarks range from $700-$1000 (including the government filing fee).

2. Are trademarks intellectual property?

Yes they are, you can lease them, you can sell them and as long as you do the maintenance on them you can keep them in your family forever.

3. How long doTrademarks last?

Initially trademarks last 5 to 6 years. After that as long as you keep the maintenance up every few years they can last a lifetime or be willed to your kids!

4. What’s the difference between a trademark and an LLC?

There are many differences between them. One of the most important ones are, an LLC will protect you for the state you register in while a trademark will protect you in all 50 states!

Owning a trademark doesn’t sound that Complicated now, does it? It’s not expensive, it lasts between 5 to 6 years, you’re protected in 50 states and if you do the The maintenance the trademark will live forever!

What are you waiting for? Get over to and receive a free consultation and $100 off if you mention #Notrademarkleftbehind

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